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Antique Mower

Ken Graton's first landscaping business, Timothy House Lawn and Garden Care, was born out of a passion for mentoring others and instilling exceptional work ethics in young men. What began as a dormitory counselor position with the non profit known as Timothy House became an opportunity for Ken to explore his entrepreneurial roots and instill in Timothy House participants marketable skills and a desire to work hard. And so, within the first year of his position as a counselor, and with little more than a beat up, borrowed mower, a weed eater, 20 lawns, and a few extra hands, Ken began what would become one of his life's great adventures.  


After 17 years of hard work, Ken decided it was time to grow. Looking for that perfect parcel of land, he found a 13 acre lot on the corner of Hwy 99 and Meadowview Road in Junction City. He built a 4200 square foot headquarter for what he now calls Graton's Custom Landscapes. 




Now servicing businesses and residents throughout Lane, Linn, and Benton counties, Graton's Custom Landscapes is a thriving enterprise that still strives to instill drive and desire in its nearly 30 employees, and deliver expertly crafted, full service lawn design and maintenance services to its valued clientele. With homegrown roots, decades of combined experience, and a passion for land care, we know we can provide you with the outdoor space you've always dreamed of. Grow the extra mile with us!

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